Bird Clocks Gallery


A new range for me as we approach the end of 2018 ............... Clocks!


In re-ordering some more of my wooden keepsake boxes. I  came across these clocks made from pine and thought they might make a good base for my bird paintings.  Ideal for that unusual Christmas gift! I have started with two 10" wooden clocks as well as a cheeseboard version and I think they would add something special to any room in the house, the kitchen particularly.  I sold two almost immediately and I will be extending my range as I get more stock in. I am always open to an individual's choice.

Price £49.00 excluding postage and packing.  You can order on this website through Contact Me.           



                              Kingfisher 1                                                           Kingfisher 2                                   Kingfisher 3


                                       Wren                                                Sedge Warbler


                                                                                   Great Tit