17th September 2019

The last week seems to have flown by with much discussion on Sue's art, and creations too!  On the latter, one main focus has been on some new 12" x 12" paintings, which have been particularly popular recently.  All of the original stock has sold, with three being bought at Birdfair. Sue has just finished the first of a new set, the ever admired kingfisher, and it is currently being scanned, with publciation on the website within the next week. We have named it "Patience" following a suggestion by one of the contributors to the British Bird Lovers Facebook Page.  Sue has painted another swallows slate which, I undertand, is going to be used ouside the front door showing the house number.  To my knowledge, this is the first time the slates have been used in this way.

Behind the scenes, the new shop website structure is taking shape and I am starting to re-size all of the images ready for republication, a lengthy task but essential and most worthwhile if we are to provide the professional appearance we aspire to.  As for other discussions on the future of Sue's art, there are some exciting plans ahead so watch this space for developments!  


8th September 2019

It is time to start a blog, we are advised, and I have been asked to write regularly on behalf of my wife, Sue.  

Thanks to our dear friend, supporter and web site developer, Wayne Kerridge, we published our first web site some four years ago and have concentrated on building up Sue's various catalogues, which you will see have become wide ranging.  

As her art career grows at an exciting pace, we are now looking at using the web site more regularly to record progress.  It is particularly timely as a new version of the site is being developed as I write, incorporating a shop, as well as even more up to date technology to make the it even more user friendly on mobile phones and tablets.  

The most significant event over the last month was the success of our first exhibition at Birdfair in Rutland.  Despite the exceptional weather conditions, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and were delighted that Sue's art was appreciated by so many. It always pleases her to know that people will be hanging her work in the intimacy of their homes.  And the vintage milk churns were clearly well received too! 

The plan is to add to Sue's blog on a weekly basis, not only on matters web site but also on her ongoing art work.  Why me writing?  Sue manages her Facebook Page as well as Instagram and of course wants to paint as much as time allows.  Me?  I like to chat and to support her art in as many ways as I can, to give Sue maximum opportunity to continue developing the skills she has so painstakingly acquired over the last 25 years or so.